Teaching bitcoin to Teenagers: How to Foster Agency and Create Engagement

In this article, featured in bitcoin Magazine’s “The Withdrawal Issue”, you’ll discover some invaluable insights on how to effectively teach teenagers about bitcoin. Everything I have learned through my career as a mathematics teacher has informed my innovative approach to teaching about cryptocurrency. I am passionate about creating a learning environment where students feel comfortable, foster curiosity and are given a voice in the learning process.

Oppressed: The Traditional Education Model’s Effect on Learning

Building on the foundational work of Paulo Freire in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, I’ve taken inspiration to empower students by fostering a dynamic and engaged community of learners where they have agency in their learning process. Freire’s comparison of the traditional educational model to a banking system describes how the student is a passive recipient of knowledge and the teacher fills the student’s “bank” with predetermined “deposits”.

This has implications for more than just the classroom. Our financial system is often taught to people in a way that leads to complacency and unquestioning acceptance—similar to the traditional educational model.

bitcoin and the Banking Metaphor

The traditional education system, like the banking industry, seeks to minimize creativity and stimulate credulity to maintain the status quo. The system in place has no interest in revealing its world or being transformed. But it’s time for a change.

The recent situation at Silicon Valley Bank demonstrates that ordinary consumers questioning the system can create turmoil and reveal the instability of the traditional system. Every step we take towards understanding, questioning, and making decisions about our own finances leads to a transformation of the system. Each new Bitcoiner is another step towards toppling the old system.

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Embracing Learning and Agency in the bitcoin Community

It is evident that the bitcoin community is a space for lifelong learning where individuals take responsibility for their learning process. As Bitcoiners, our role is to encourage curiosity and empower pre-coiner friends to take control of their learning journey. By learning about bitcoin, they will inevitably learn about the legacy financial system and its potential flaws, promoting this understanding is key in transforming our perspectives.

### News source: bitcoinmagazine.com

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