Introducing bitcoin X Crocs: The Ultimate Money-Inspired Footwear

bitcoin Magazine has taken the world by storm as they prepare to release a limited run of the first and only bitcoin Crocs shoe, designed for passionate bitcoin enthusiasts and comfort-minded footwear enthusiasts alike. Crafted in the iconic Crocs clog style, each pair features the classic orange bitcoin logo atop a sleek black base color. To add a custom touch, every pair of the 2,100 bitcoin Crocs will come with a custom bitcoin Magazine logo Jibbitz™ to fully embrace the bitcoin culture.

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The Inspiration Behind the Collaboration

bitcoin Magazine President, Mike Germano, emphasized the relevance of the collaboration between Crocs and bitcoin. He explained, “Just like bitcoin, people have said Crocs are dead for many years, only to be proven wrong time and time again. After all, bitcoin and Crocs each have passionate communities. We wanted to recognize that passion by releasing bitcoin Crocs for both to enjoy.”

Joining forces with Collect and Hodl, the progenitor of the bitcoin Pez Dispenser, bitcoin Magazine has taken the lead as the exclusive merchant for the new bitcoin Crocs Collection. This distinctive partnership is designed to celebrate the unique communities that both bitcoin and Crocs have fostered over the years.

The Pre-Sale Event

The pre-sale of the bitcoin Crocs begins on Monday 11/20 and will be capped at 2,100 pairs. This collection is ideal for magic internet money enthusiasts and connoisseurs of comfortable footwear. Additionally, later this year, bitcoin Magazine will offer a 5-pack of bitcoin-themed Jibbitz™, with designs to be announced and revealed at a later date.

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Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the limited bitcoin Crocs Collection, a true testament to the long-lasting appeal of both bitcoin and Crocs.

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