bitcoin Education: A Vital Need for the Future

The message received from a student, inquiring about independent study regarding crypto, sparked the idea to offer a course on bitcoin. As a university engineering educator and a bitcoiner, the importance of educating people about bitcoin to realize its full potential is clear to me. bitcoin is a groundbreaking innovation for a new monetary system, but widespread acceptance is necessary to challenge the status quo.

The Importance of bitcoin Education

bitcoin is still new, unfamiliar, and confusing to most people. Finding individuals curious enough to delve into it, understand it, and then share their knowledge and confidence with others in their circle of trust is crucial for its acceptance to grow. The applicability of bitcoin as a foundation for a new monetary system necessitates its widespread understanding and acceptance.

Exploring bitcoin in a University Setting

Upon receiving interest from students for a bitcoin course, I began exploring different course models. Surprisingly, most courses at major universities cover bitcoin only as part of a broader “bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” or “bitcoin and Blockchain” course. Few courses, like “The Philosophy and Economics of bitcoin” and “bitcoin and Digital Assets,” focus specifically on bitcoin. Exactly the general course organized around bitcoin, a foundational need in the university, was nowhere to be found.

Building a bitcoin-Specific Course

Choosing to offer a non-technical course solely focused on bitcoin, I called it “Exploring bitcoin.” I discussed other crypto projects to distinguish bitcoin and emphasized its importance as a world-changing innovation. The course combined technical, engineering, economic, financial, and social aspects to appeal to students from any major, emphasizing that bitcoin is for everyone.

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Challenging Academic Values

As the course was met by some pushback for focusing on bitcoin, I defended my approach by pointing out its originality, market cap, and network effect. I maintained academic values by challenging students to think critically, embracing timeless design principles, and focusing on fundamental issues.

Engagement in bitcoin Topics

Despite initial reluctance among some students, the course proved effective in educating them about bitcoin as depicted by the distribution of interest in bitcoin technology. Student feedback indicated high to very high interest in every topic covered, with many expressing their intent to educate others about bitcoin.


The course was successful in educating students about bitcoin and preparing them to disseminate that knowledge. Over 70% of students indicated a desire to educate others about bitcoin, reflecting the course’s impact in equipping students with the knowledge and confidence to share about bitcoin. The data supports the effectiveness of the course in generating interest and engagement in bitcoin.

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