Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis:  Bounce from 33400 – 29 October 2023

<a href="">bitcoin</a> (<a href="">BTC</a>) Price Analysis: Technically Challenged at 34477 – 30 October 2023

bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Technically Challenged at 34477 – 30 October 2023

bitcoin Maintains Positive Technical Bias

bitcoin (BTC/USD) maintained a positive technical bias early in the Asian session as the pair continued to oscillate around the 33819 area, an upside price objective related to recent upward activity around the 29705 area. Technical selling pressure strengthened around the 34500 level, representing a test of the 61.8% retracement of the recent depreciating range from 35144 to 33400. Stops were recently elected above a series of upside price objectives including the 33819, 33755, 34826, and 35035 levels, and major Stops were also elected above the 34190.77 area during the appreciation, a previous downside price objective related to historical selling pressure around the all-time high of 69000 and 59249 levels.

Technical Analysis Points to Further Upside

Technically, the recent multi-month high around the 35157 area represented a test of an upside price objective around the 35035 area that is related to recent upward activity around the 29328 and 32525 levels. Additional upside price objectives include the 35718, 35982, 36115, 36541, 36798, 37239, 37890, 38409, 38561, 38584, 39636, 40549, 40743, 40837, 41402, 43841, 43860, and 44269 levels. Following the surge higher, areas of technical support and potential buying pressure include the 32992, 31652, 31238, 30570, 30028, and 29488 levels. Traders are observing that the 50-bar MA (4-hourly) is bullishly indicating above the 100-bar MA (4-hourly) and above the 200-bar MA (4-hourly). Also, the 50-bar MA (hourly) is bearishly indicating below the 100-bar MA (hourly) and above the 200-bar MA (hourly).

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Important Levels to Watch

Price activity is nearest the 50-bar MA (4-hourly) at 32468.01 and the 100-bar MA (Hourly) at 34165.47. Technical support is expected around 31238.97, 30028.62, and 28818.26 with Stops expected below. Technical resistance is expected around 36541.57, 37239.15, and 38584.16 with Stops expected above.

Technical Indicators

On the 4-Hourly chart, SlowK is bullishly above SlowD while MACD is bearishly below MACDAverage. On the 60-minute chart, SlowK is bearishly below SlowD while MACD is bullishly above MACDAverage.

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