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Nostr, Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays (Nostr) is an innovative protocol designed to facilitate censorship-resistant communications across multiple relay servers. This protocol is utilized to host and deliver messages to users. Each user’s identity is based on a cryptographic key pair, providing full ownership of their own identity. Moreover, all messages are signed with the users’ identity keys, ensuring protection against tampering. The relays play a crucial role in the seamless and reliable communication between senders and receivers.

Understanding Nostr, Notes, and Other Stuff Transmission

Nostr is centered around the concept of events, which serve as the fundamental message format for clients to engage with by posting or downloading events to relay servers. Each event contains a public identity key, a signature from the identity key behind the event, the message contents, and other related events such as replies or quotes, ensuring data integrity and preventing unauthorized alterations. This concept guarantees that users completely own their identity, unlike some platforms where users’ identification is merely loaned and controlled by the platform itself.

Every Nostr event signed by a user’s identity key, making it impossible for anyone to post fraudulent messages as another user without compromising the user’s private key.

The Role of Relays in Transmission

Relays are essential for Nostr users to interact with each other effectively. Each relay server only communicates with user clients and not with each other. Clients are free to post events to multiple relays, and relays can set their own policies governing the acceptance of events. Despite these conditions, Nostr remains censorship-resistant, as clients can query any online relay for events, ensuring seamless communication.

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Damus: A Nostr Client and Relay Implementation

Damus is a popular mobile client for Nostr available on iOS and also serves as one of the largest relay servers. William Casarin, previously working on the Lightning network, developed Damus as a passion project and has been pivotal in developing new features for the Nostr protocol. Despite facing challenges with meeting the Apple AppStore’s policy requirements, Damus continues to progress and innovate on the Nostr platform.

The Future of Nostr

Currently, Nostr is mainly used for social media applications similar to Twitter but with a decentralized and censorship-resistant foundation. Nevertheless, the potential to expand the use of the protocol is limitless. Various other social media applications, decentralized versions of GitHub or Google Docs, and many more innovative applications are feasible using the Nostr protocol.

News Recap of the Week (November 6 – November 13, 2023)

  • An 8-Day Window: All 12 of the spot bitcoin ETFs can be approved between November 9 and November 17. A Bloomberg Analyst mentioned that the SEC could decide on 9 of the 12 ETFs before January 10.
  • The SEC’s Hiring: The SEC is encountering challenges hiring Crypto Assets Specialists due to the requirement for divestment from crypto assets to work at the SEC and avoid any conflict of interest.
  • Fine for Discrimination: CitiGroup was fined $25 million for discriminating against Armenian-American individuals and blocking them from obtaining credit cards or bank accounts.
  • bitcoin Custody Platform: Custodia Bank has launched its bitcoin Custody platform.
  • Cease and Desist: The United States Federal Reserve has sent a cease and desist letter to bitcoin Magazine for trademark violations related to their FedNow merchandise line.
  • bitcoin Surpasses $38,000: For the first time in 18 months, bitcoin reached a value exceeding $38,000.
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