My Introduction to bitcoin

The first time I learned about bitcoin was from my husband, who came home from work one day bursting with excitement about this revolutionary form of internet money. At first, I dismissed his claims as crazy, thinking he had gone off the deep end. However, he persisted in explaining bitcoin to me, and eventually, I began to grasp its potential and see the passion with which he spoke about it. From that moment on, we became immersed in the world of bitcoin.

Discovering the Potential

In the beginning, my interest in bitcoin was primarily driven by the prospect of financial gain and growing our family’s wealth. While I absorbed as much as I could from my husband, I found it challenging to ask specific questions about bitcoin due to my limited knowledge on the subject. I was overwhelmed by its technical nature and erroneously believed that it was too advanced for someone like me, lacking a formal education or high-powered job. Consequently, I allowed bitcoin to remain his domain, supporting him from the sidelines and engaging in discussions to the best of my ability.

Entering the bitcoin Community

My unwavering support for my husband’s bitcoin endeavors eventually led to him inviting me to attend a bitcoin event. I entered the event feeling apprehensive, convinced that the conversations would be well above my understanding. However, upon meeting the vibrant bitcoin community, I was captivated by their enthusiasm and kindness. The contagious energy in the room left an indelible impression on me, prompting me to embark on a journey of extensive bitcoin education.

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Eager to Learn

Upon returning from the event, I seized my phone and immediately started compiling two lists in my notes app: what I knew about bitcoin and the questions I had about bitcoin. Drawing on the support of the bitcoin community, I joined bitcoin Twitter and sought guidance on where to begin my learning process. To my amazement, countless individuals I had never met personally offered words of encouragement and shared valuable resources. I delved into books like “bitcoin Evangelism” and steadily transferred my questions onto the list of things I knew about bitcoin. The expansion of my knowledge left me astounded.

Embracing the Revolution

Now equipped with specific questions, I engage in conversations with my husband and fellow bitcoin enthusiasts. Reflecting on my initial skepticism, I now wonder if my eyes light up with enthusiasm as I discuss bitcoin‘s potential. I am beginning to realize that bitcoin is far more than just a means of making money; it is a revolutionary force. It is crucial to demonstrate to others that bitcoin is neither too technical nor difficult to grasp but rather necessary for building a fair monetary system immune to cheating and inflation. bitcoin empowers ordinary individuals to shape the world they want to live in.

An Evolving Journey

I find myself still in the early stages of my bitcoin journey, constantly learning and growing. bitcoin‘s logical and intuitive properties make it the future of currency. Sometimes you need to experience it firsthand to truly comprehend its power.

This is a guest post by Lindsey Koss. The opinions expressed are entirely her own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or bitcoin Magazine.

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