Talented Content Creator becomes Murder Suspect

YouTube’s most hated crypto influencer, BitBoy Crypto, whose real name is Ben Armstrong (Benjamin Charles Armstrong), is indeed a controversial figure. Despite partying ways with HIT Network, the company behind the BitBoy Crypto brand, his provocative behavior and arrest, which have become the focal point of recent crypto news, as well as numerous allegations of luring followers into rug pulls, the famous blockchain technology and crypto enthusiast continues to draw significant attention in the crypto world.

Establishment of BitBoy Crypto and Personal Life

Since the establishment of his online platform BitBoy Crypto (now Discover Crypto) in 2018 and joining the community of successful crypto YouTubers, there has been a persistent curiosity among both Armstrong’s followers and detractors regarding the wealth amassed by the celebrity. Let’s delve deeper into Ben Armstrong’s net worth and explore his tumultuous career in the crypto space.

Biography and Occupation

According to information from social media, Armstrong, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, was born on October 27, 1982, which made him 41 years old at the time of publication. He attended Toccoa Falls College, earned a bachelor’s degree in Ministry Leadership in 2012, and also may have attended Kennesaw State University. Armstrong is a father of three children with Bethany Armstrong, who may soon become his ex-wife. On October 24, the crypto influencer announced in an X post the news about Bethany filing divorce papers. Armstrong stated, “To get it out of the way so there are no questions, yes, I am with DuchessOfDeFi [Cassandra Wolfe],” Armstrong wrote, adding that “Bethany is incredible and she helped me build my business and supported me. She is a great mother and we will be good co-parents together and I hope we are able to stay close friends.”

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Career and Controversy

Due to the publicly available information about BitBoy Crypto, it is known that he has been the owner of “Front Page Tickets” and a web and graphic design company called “Ben Armstrong Designs.” One of Armstrong’s previous occupations was with the company Three Dimensional Life, where he served as an executive director from 2015 to 2018. Before taking on his role as a content creator for the YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto, Armstrong positioned himself as one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies. Despite initial unsuccessful moves on the crypto market, Armstrong decided to pursue his Web3 education, which led him to the establishment of his BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel.

BitBoy Crypto without Ben Armstrong

Unfortunately, as was announced in the latest crypto news, in August, HIT Network disclosed its decision to sever ties with Armstrong, marking the end of an era for BitBoy Crypto. The official reason given by HIT Network was the team’s concerns over Ben’s substance abuse and allegations of financial harm inflicted on individuals within the industry. Nearly two months after the separation from Armstrong, HIT Network announced the official end of the BitBoy Crypto brand and its relaunch as Discover Crypto. However, Armstrong created a new channel where he has already gained an audience of over 67,000 subscribers.

BitBoy Crypto net worth

The exact Ben Armstrong’s net worth is unknown, but reports suggest that his estimated net worth has reached up to $30 million. According to the X Media Kit Price List, BitBoy Crypto’s sponsored services start from $2,500 per website article and go up to $35,000 per dedicated review. Despite numerous reports of Armstrong’s multimillion-dollar wealth, the crypto community became rather confused about the real financial condition of…

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### News source: coinpaper.com

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