The Most Valuable Builder Accelerator Program

The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator program is a joint initiative by BNB Chain and Binance Labs, which has been at the forefront of supporting Web3 builders and nurturing the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem since its launch in 2021. This program is known for its rigorous ten-week accelerator structure, which has been instrumental in bringing early-stage businesses into the spotlight in the blockchain and Web3 worlds.

Introduction of Founder Track

In a strategic collaboration between MVB program and CMC Labs, the accelerator division of CoinMarketCap, a new Founder Track has been introduced. This expansion of the program aims to incubate one hundred new enterprises on the BNB Chain. Unlike the existing Startup Track, the Founder Track operates as a venture studio to nurture new company concepts addressing real-world challenges.

Nurturing Builders and Founders

The Founder Track is dedicated to fostering the growth of builders and prospective founders by helping them bring their creative ideas to fruition. The program provides extensive collaboration and advisory support, resulting in a significant contribution to the development of the BNB Chain ecosystem. Previous successful projects, such as investments in Celestia and SafePal, demonstrate the potential of such partnerships to build important businesses within the blockchain realm.

Focus on Key Sectors

The Founder Track is focused on initiatives that address critical areas in the blockchain and Web3 spheres, including SocialFi, on-chain games, digital identities, AI-driven apps, yield-bearing assets, security solutions, and payment rails leveraging BNB Chain. This focused strategy is expected to drive innovation and user engagement on the BNB Chain, offering builders a wide range of opportunities to explore.

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Opportunity for Founders and Builders

The Founder Track is currently accepting applications for the seventh season of the MVB program, offering a unique opportunity for founders and builders with revolutionary ideas to collaborate directly with the investment team at Binance Labs and key contributors of BNB Chain. The Application Deadline for the forthcoming MVB 7 season is set for January 15, 2024, highlighting the program’s forward-looking strategy and dedication to continuous innovation.


The MVB accelerator program’s collaboration between BNB Chain and Binance Labs has been pivotal in supporting the development of the BNB Chain ecosystem and nurturing the growth of early-stage businesses in the blockchain and Web3 worlds. The introduction of the Founder Track, strategic collaborations, and focus on key sectors demonstrate the program’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting builders and founders in the blockchain space.

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