Investigation into Health Incidents at ApeFest 2023

Yuga Labs, the parent company of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), has launched an investigation into alarming reports from attendees of ApeFest 2023, held on November 5th. Reports indicated that several attendees and staff members experienced eye pain, vision issues, and skin irritation. This prompted the company’s immediate response and partnership with Jack Morton Worldwide, a global brand experience agency, to conduct a thorough investigation.

Partnering with Jack Morton Worldwide

Yuga Labs collaborated with Jack Morton Worldwide to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the incident. The investigation involved meticulous reviews of inventory records, material logs, spec sheets, and interviews with contractors responsible for the ApeFest installations. On-site inspections and testing were also conducted to identify the root cause of the reported health issues.

Findings of the Investigation

The investigation’s findings pointed to the installation of UV-A emitting lights in a particular section of the event venue as the likely cause of the health issues reported by attendees. This conclusion aligned with speculations made by community members and the public prior to the official announcement.

Response and Support for Affected Individuals

Acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, Yuga Labs advised individuals experiencing symptoms to seek medical attention and inform their healthcare providers about the potential link to UV-A light exposure. The company also requested affected individuals to reach out directly via their Twitter handle, @BoredApeYC, for support and further guidance. Yuga Labs emphasized their commitment to assisting the recovery of those affected by the incident and their regret that the situation overshadowed the purpose of ApeFest.

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Caution Against Online Scams

In a subsequent update, Yuga Labs cautioned the public about potential spam or phishing links masquerading as official communications. They directed followers to cross-reference information with Yuga Labs’ official news site and other verified channels to avoid falling victim to online scams. This caution aimed to protect the community from fraudulent activities.

In conclusion, Yuga Labs and Jack Morton reaffirmed their commitment to addressing the incident and supporting the affected individuals while also ensuring that the community is kept informed through official channels.

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