[PRESS RELEASE – San José, Costa Rica, November 5th, 2023]

Azteco to Distribute bitcoin Vouchers at Blockchain Jungle 2023 Conference

Azteco, the world’s leading provider of bitcoin vouchers, is making an unprecedented move by pledging to distribute thousands of dollars in bitcoin vouchers at the upcoming Blockchain Jungle 2023 conference. This initiative aims to showcase the ease and accessibility of Azteco’s innovative voucher system.

“We believe in the transformative power of bitcoin, especially for those who have been excluded from the traditional financial system. What better way to demonstrate our commitment than by giving away bitcoin vouchers at one of the biggest blockchain events of the year? We’re excited to introduce even more people to the ease and convenience of our voucher system.” – David Bailey, CMO of Azteco

All attendees at the conference will receive Azteco vouchers, allowing them to experience firsthand the simplicity of acquiring bitcoin using the voucher system. This highlights Azteco’s mission to make bitcoin accessible to everyone, everywhere, every day.

The Blockchain Jungle 2023 conference is scheduled for November 16th at the Convention Center in San José, Costa Rica. The event aims to position Costa Rica as a global blockchain hub by 2030 and will feature inspiring talks, interactive workshops, breakout sessions, and a grand concert celebration. Renowned speakers such as Nick Szabo, Perianne Boring, Cathy Hackl, Glenda Umaña, and Samuel Burke, among others, will be present, along with special guests like the Minister of Technology of Costa Rica, Paula Bogantes, and the CEO of PROCOMER, Pedro Beirute.

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This collaboration between Azteco and Blockchain Jungle will showcase the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize various sectors of the global economy.

About Azteco

Azteco, founded in 2019 and based in Santa Monica, California, is changing the way people access and use bitcoin. Their unique voucher system enables individuals in over 190 countries to buy, save, and send bitcoin, breaking down barriers to financial inclusion worldwide. For more information, visit azte.co and Blockchainjungle.com.

### News source: cryptopotato.com

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