Alchemy Pay Achieves Significant Milestone with Money Services License in Iowa

Achieving Regulatory Compliance in the US

The well-known fiat-crypto payment gateway, Alchemy Pay, has recently reached a significant milestone by obtaining a Money Services License in the state of Iowa. This accomplishment, announced on November 23, 2023, marks the latest in a series of successful efforts to secure regulatory approval in the United States. The acquisition of this license in Iowa comes on the heels of Alchemy Pay obtaining an Arkansas money transmitter license, solidifying its commitment to expanding its market presence internationally while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Approval and Compliance in Iowa

The granting of the Money Services License is overseen by the State of Iowa’s Division of Banking. This essential license, which is part of the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS), is required for businesses engaged in money transactions or currency exchange in Iowa. This means that Alchemy Pay must meet specific regulatory criteria to continue operations within the state.

Compliance and Future Growth of Cryptocurrency Payment Sector

Robert McCracken, Ecosystem Lead at Alchemy Pay, underscored the importance of complying with current financial regulations in the United States. He emphasized the critical role of a well-organized regulatory framework in the long-term growth of the cryptocurrency payment sector. This emphasis on compliance stems from the company’s understanding of its significance in facilitating long-term success in the rapidly evolving crypto payment ecosystem.

Alchemy Pay’s Global Presence and Recognition

Established in Singapore in 2017, Alchemy Pay operates in 173 countries and accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards and local mobile wallets. The company’s successful acquisition of licenses in multiple countries, including the United States, Lithuania, Indonesia, and Canada, reflects its strong global team and reinforces its position in the crypto payment market. Furthermore, Alchemy Pay’s recognition as an approved third-party service provider by Visa and Mastercard has earned trust in the conventional payment industry.

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Adapting to Regulatory Changes and Seizing Market Opportunities

Companies like Alchemy Pay are well-positioned for expansion as long as U.S. authorities continue to develop comprehensive laws for the cryptocurrency sector. Alchemy Pay’s proactive approach to securing licenses for global compliance demonstrates its ability to adapt to regulatory changes and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Key Milestone in US Market Strategy

The acquisition of the Iowa Money Services License is a major step forward in Alchemy Pay’s U.S. market strategy. This action not only reinforces the company’s adherence to legal requirements but also expands its capacity to provide secure payment services internationally. By consistently pursuing new licenses, Alchemy Pay is establishing itself as a forward-thinking and law-abiding participant in the global cryptocurrency payment space.

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