Johnny Ng, Hong Kong Legislative Council member and CPPCC member, recently attended the “2023 World Internet Conference” in Wuzhen. He shared his insights on digital literacy and skills enhancement in a keynote speech on 9th November 2023.

Integration of the Senior Economy with the Internet

One of the key themes of Johnny Ng’s speech was the integration of the senior economy with the internet. He discussed the case of “Pan Lao Lao,” a senior internet celebrity with over 23 million followers. “Pan Lao Lao” uses the internet to stimulate rural revitalization and the senior economy by showcasing rural scenery and cuisine through short videos. Ng emphasized the potential of seniors in leveraging their experience for economic benefit and suggested that Hong Kong could learn from mainland China’s success in integrating the internet with the senior economy.

Web3’s Impact on Content Creators’ Earnings

Another focal point of Ng’s speech was the impact of Web3 technology on content creators’ earnings. He highlighted the decentralization feature of blockchain technology, which allows content creators to bypass centralized platforms and monetize their work directly through a decentralized model. This not only empowers creators financially but also serves as a practical application of Web3 technology in real-world scenarios.

The Impact of Technology on Society

In conclusion, Ng emphasized the importance of merging technology with everyday life and the physical economy to drive societal progress. His insights at the conference underlined the growing significance of the internet in the senior economy and the potential of Web3 technologies in reshaping content creation and distribution.

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Key Takeaways from the Conference

Overall, Johnny Ng’s speech at the “2023 World Internet Conference” shed light on the potential of integrating the senior economy with the internet and the transformative impact of Web3 technology on content creators. His experiences and observations at the conference provide valuable insights for industry professionals and policymakers looking to leverage the power of the internet and emerging technologies for economic and societal growth.

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