Ackee Blockchain Releases Open-Source Python Tooling,

– Ackee Blockchain Release Wake: Python-based Development and Testing Framework for Solidity
– Wake’s Features to Address Security Concerns in DeFi Space
– Wake’s Customization and Performance Testing

Ackee Blockchain, known for its smart contract audits and community tools, has announced the release of Wake, a Python-based development and testing framework for Solidity. This open-source tool is equipped with built-in vulnerability detectors to address the increasing threat rate in the wake of heightened market activity.

As the DeFi space experiences a surge in activity, security concerns are escalating. In response, Wake’s release is timely, providing application developers with a comprehensive toolkit to expertly test smart contracts. Rushed product launches can heighten security risks, making the need for solid testing tools critical.

Previously employed in audits for projects like IPOR, Axelar, and Solady, Wake has a proven track record in identifying critical, high, and medium bugs. The framework powers the Tools for Solidity Visual Studio Code extension, offering syntax highlighting and detections from vulnerability and code quality detectors.

Wake addresses a common challenge in static analysis tools – the high false-positive ratio. By focusing on precision, the framework aims to reduce noise and provide a faster and more efficient testing process.

The latest release of Wake boasts customization features, allowing users to tailor detectors and printers to their specific needs. With the introduction of a GitHub action for automated detector execution in a pipeline, Wake is an ideal candidate for seamless CI/CD integration across various projects.

Wake’s performance has been rigorously tested against other frameworks like Hardhat, Brownie, and Ape on different development chains to ensure efficiency and adequacy. The Python-based tool demonstrated unmatched speed, positioning itself as the fastest framework in the industry.

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