Unchained Report Reveals Surge in bitcoin Ownership Among Americans

The latest report released by Unchained, a leading bitcoin financial services provider, has unveiled an intriguing trend in the ownership of bitcoin among Americans. According to their findings, one in four Americans and 55% of surveyed investors, defined as individuals between 18 and 78 years old with at least one investment account, currently own bitcoin.

bitcoin Ownership and Future Predictions

Based on a survey of 402 US investors, the study also showed that 95% of current bitcoin owners are considering increasing their holdings in 2024. Furthermore, almost half of non-bitcoin owners expressed a strong intention to purchase bitcoin within the upcoming year.

Key Drivers and Predictions for bitcoin in 2024

The survey highlighted key drivers influencing potential bitcoin purchases in 2024, including increased regulatory clarity around digital assets and the potential approval of a bitcoin spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, the anticipation of a US economic recession played a significant role in investors’ decisions.

Optimistic Predictions for bitcoin

Despite a significant drop in BTC‘s price from its peak, 79% of investors foresee bitcoin surpassing its all-time high of $69,000. Furthermore, a majority of surveyed investors predict a new all-time high for bitcoin in 2024, with a third believing it will outperform cash, gold, and the S&P 500.

Rise of bitcoin Allocation in Retirement Portfolios

Unchained’s survey also indicates a substantial increase in bitcoin allocation within retirement portfolios, with nearly half of current bitcoin owners holding BTC in their retirement accounts. This trend is expected to continue in 2024, with an additional 35% considering adding bitcoin to their retirement accounts.

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CEO’s Statement on bitcoin‘s Longevity

Joe Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Unchained, emphasized the growing interest in bitcoin, stating, “At Unchained, we are seeing an influx of bitcoin newcomers who now understand that the asset has longevity.” He further highlighted the appeal of tax-advantaged vehicles like Unchained’s bitcoin IRA for gaining or expanding bitcoin exposure.

Valuable Insights into bitcoin Sentiment

The survey conducted by Unchained provides valuable insights into the sentiment and expectations for bitcoin in 2024 among US investors. Representing the US investor population with a 5% margin of error at a 95% confidence level, the survey offers a compelling outlook on BTC sentiment and expectations for the future.

### News source: bitcoinmagazine.com

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